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Required Raid Mods

Highly Recommended Raid Mods

We encourage you to customize your UI so that it is best suited for you. We do, however; require that the following add-ons are included in your customization. The add-ons listed below will help us ensure a smooth and coordinated run.

If you need assistance with installation, we will help to the best of our abilities. Please check back to this list regularly to make sure it hasn’t changed.

Please remember to check your preferred add-on source regularly for updates to the add-ons you are using. Out of date add-ons don’t do any good to anyone. You may also follow the links below (hyperlinks are built into the add-on name).

DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)

This tool is used to track boss fights. This tool provides timers, range checks, and warnings to encourage a smooth boss fight. There is a similiar well known mod known as Bigwigs Bossmods. We encourage members to use the same bossmod (DBM) to better insure we are all seeing the same timers and the raid leader can easily help navigate raiders to inabling and disabling certain timers.


Though this software is not a mod, Ventrilo, or “Vent”, is voice chat software essential to stay in touch and communicate throughout raids and other Guild Events. Please see an officer if you need assistance in connecting to the server or the setup and functions of Vent. You must be able to listen at a minimum.  If you are unable to listen to Ventrilo voice chat for whatever reason, please let us know and we will make accomodations.

RBS (Raid Buff Status)

This addon is more for the raid leader to ensure all buffs and flasks are on everyone, pets are out, and aspects are correct.  This addon announces in raid chat so everyone can see what they are missing

Recommended Raid Mods

While these are not required, they are ones that you may find to your benefit during raids, depending on your class. Guild members are encouraged to examine, try out, and evaluate these add-ons on an individual basis.



This is widely used for DPS/HPS tracking so that a raider can self evaluate their performance.  It is prohibited to use this tool for boasting.  Reports should only be sent when asked for and unless otherwise asked, should be sent to tells and not in raid.  Remember: This is a tool for self management.  To belittle or criticize another raid member is strictly forbidden.  If used correctly, a dps meter will help to excel your performance.  


This tool is used for easier removal of Magic, Curses, Poisons, and Diseases. If you have any cleansing, purging or decursing abilities, you should run this add-on.

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