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"Steadfast to the mandates of our consciences; steadfast in our support of each other; steadfast in the belief that we can change the world, we unite as equals to forge an enlightened and prosperous future for the Horde."

Steadfast is a roleplay-friendly guild of mature individuals located on Steamwheedle Cartel-US/Horde-side. Our focus is on having an enjoyable in-game experience through helpful and supportive character interaction. We believe that the game should be fun regardless of preference of PvE, PvP, or casual Endgame content. Our democratically elected guild council will offer support and encouragement in a relaxed environment for all of our members. If you are interested in joining us, please read through the articles in the "Information" section on the left, then apply to the Guild. 

"Forever shall we remain steadfast!"

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Tectus Toppled!

by Hunter Angellis, 10 days ago

Another brilliant night of progress by Steadfast!

Tectus Topples

Well done! Interested in joining in? Keep an eye out on the calender on Friday and Saturday nights!

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Kargath and The Butcher

by Hunter Angellis, 11 days ago

Last week Steadfast went toe-to-toe with Kargath.


This week we not only one shotted Kargath but gave an equally ferocious beatdown to The Butcher!

The Butcher

Congratulations Steadfast!

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Interim Nominations for Warlord and Bard are Now Open

by Darren Tereos, 21 days ago

Pursuant to the decisions made regarding adjustment to the elections process, a nomination period has been opened for the position of Warlord of Steadfast.  Please see this thread for more information on the nominations process.

Post-Script:  In addition to Warlord, the position of Bard has also entered into a period of nomination.

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