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re: The Soul link

Assyd Voidgazer, a Fel Witch of the Sin'dorai,(not Sin'dorei as this is the masculine form) began to hear voices in her head. As time passed, the voices became louder and began to resemble an angry mob. So she asked her only bound demon, Jubnar, "What is this noise?". (Assyd befriends demons, not enslaves, except Jubnar, fool.)

Jubnar explained that as she used her abilities to leech power from others, her soul was linked with them and as a soul never dies, they were complaining or whatever. 

"Pssht!, Is that all?" Assyd said in a smug tone. 

"I can fix that"-assyd

So her first trip was to the land of Pandarria. Once there she learned the art of meditation from the monk masters. And through meditation, she learned to focus her mind, how to hear an individual voice among the chaos. Her teacher Fa Zhou, saw the light in her soul. And explained to her that though she sought power and drew upon fel, dark power, that she was in fact a beacon of light. Even if that was dark light.

"I don't understand", said Assyd.

"You are not an evil being, and your actions lead to bright futures of those you meet.", said Fa Zhou"




After learning to hold the voices in her hand, Assyd discovered a link. Not only the dead can speak, but the souls of the living were reaching to be heard. Seeing this as a possible tool, Assyd sought to show the rest of the living realms how they could communicate. 

Assyd was herself a portal master. Which she learned from her friend Narinth, the portal master and trainer in Silvermoon City. She now found a path to link souls. But Warlocks and Mages are the only portal masters alive. How could she possibly spread this to all those of Azaroth? 

Assyd sought a Gnome. A Gnome Warlock was who she needed. So in her effort, Assyd made her way back to Shattrath City. There she met a Gnome Warlock named Fesh. Fesh was fascinated with her notion to create a realm wide communication system. So they used the knowledge and discipline of Assyd and the Technology of Fesh to create the means for all those of Azzaroth and all realms to communicate. 

Using fel portals, and the knowledge of souls Assyd discovered, and Fesh fashioned rings,They created SOUL LINK.

SOUL LINK gave the all those the ability to communicate their desires to the rest of the realms. But there was an unforseen side-effect. The souls of the living and dead had personalities of their own. 


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