Behavior and Ethics

Behavior and Ethics

We slip into the World of Warcraft to escape from the trials of our daily lives and to enjoy the heroic, epic adventures the game can bring. To this end the Guild Council will not tolerate any form of behavior that grossly offends or harasses the players behind the toons. The Council will take seriously any complaints brought to its attention and disciplinary action will be taken if the offense is found to be credible.

Fellowship of Guildmates

This guild is based upon friendship, so it is expected that Guildmates will help each other with questing, those pesky group quests, instancing, and item crafting. This is a dangerous world that we quest in and we can all use a bit of help every now and then. Polite requests for assistance may be made in-game or on the Guild forums.

Selfishness, aggressiveness, flaming people because of gender/ethnic/racial/orientation issues, sexism, and disrespect to Guildmates are all signs of an attitude that the Guild does not condone.

We do have a in-game channel and a voice chat system in place. Humor and friendly teasing are acceptable, and profanity is not prohibited. However, respect should always be maintained - genuinely offensive and abusive language, such as egregiously racist, sexist, or homophobic comments is not tolerated. Moreover, how we communicate is almost as important as what we say, so please avoid caps in chat, and real shouting on Ventrilo.

You will be warned once if you participate in any of the above behaviors, and then removed from the Guild if the behavior continues. This is a Guild where everyone over the age of 18 years is welcome!

If you feel that you have been a victim of any of the above, please contact a Councilor or a Guardian and we will try to work with you to solve the problem. We realize that personality conflicts can occur, but there is not excuse for an adult to engage in the above behaviors.

Guild Relations

Every action taken by a Guild member affects our reputation outside of the Guild. We expect Guild members to bear this in mind and to exhibit behavior and take actions that only reflect positively on the Guild. We would like to maintain a reputation for excellence throughout Steamwheedle Cartel and exhibit the qualities reflected in our Guild name.

There is no reason or excuse to be rude, harassing, antagonistic, or confrontational with any other members of the Horde. This behavior is unacceptable and those participating in such behavior will be removed from the guild immediately.

If you feel that you are being mistreated, please take the higher ethical ground and do not respond in kind. Instead, please contact a Council or Guardian with the name of the player/s and the Guild name and we will take it from there to resolve the issue.

Chat and Role Playing Policies

1). A role-playing channel, SteadfastRP, exists for the purpose of role-playing.

2). Emotes, /yell's and /say's are encouraged to be role-played to support the fundamental nature of the world our characters inhabit.

3). A generic channel, Watchtower, exists for the sake of our allies and non-guilded characters and for the purpose of making contact with guild applicants.


All members of the Guild are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and considerate manner while playing World of Warcraft. This does not mean that the guild will police a member’s every word and action, but it does however mean that differences of opinion will be approached in a mature manner and that argumentative and antagonistic speech will not be tolerated. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in removal from the guild. While this rule is strictly enforced for the benefit of the guild, members are also encouraged to refrain from antagonizing others players outside of the guild. This is an equal opportunity guild and we do not condone intolerance of any type.


Theft will not be permitted under any circumstances. Do not “ninja” items or loot from anyone in or out of the guild. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in removal from the guild. If you are the victim of this type of crime, contact a Council Member and we will do everything possible to handle the situation.


We will not tolerate cheaters. If you break the game mechanics or use add-ons to give yourself an advantage over friend or foe, you will be banned and we will send a notice to Blizzard.

Problems and Issues

Times may arise when you require the attention of a Council member. Remember, any Council member can help you, not just the Guardians. Seek one of them out for help. If your situation requires further action, it will be brought up to the rest of the Council.


When a member becomes problematic a scheduled Mediation that includes the offending member and at least one Guardian and a Speaker.  Mediations are recorded by a Guardian and conducted through Ventrilo. Ultimatums are often discussed and established.  A goal of a mediation should always be to build an understanding for the offending member as to why they are being contacted and how to avoid any further violations of the Guild Bylaws, Behavior & Ethics, and all Policies.

Removal From The Guild

Breaking the rules after a Mediation results in removal from the guild. Removals result in a permanent ban unless serious reparations are made. It is at the discretion of the Council whether or not the offending member will be reinstated.  Under extreme circumstances a guild member may be removed from the guild without any warning.

Leaving The Guild

If you find it necessary to leave the guild for any reason, please let the Record Master know via in game mail or guild site private message. The assistance in keeping the records up to date at all times is appreciated. This is very important to the Record Master and to the continued structure of Steadfast. There are cases that will not even provide the Guild Council with a warning that a member has left. Please do not depend on the Guild Logs to this effect as they do not always present these notices to us.

Returning After Leaving

Under most circumstances, should a player return to Steadfast, they will need to reapply and pending acceptance they will begin recruitment as a Pledge. Special circumstances will be decided by the guild council. Do not request such an exception. It is up to the Guild Council to determine who is eligible


Steadfast does not remove its members due to inactivity.  Members who do not log into their characters for 5 months and do not make a notice to the reason for their inactivity (post on the forums, contact an officer) will be moved to MIA status.  MIA status shares the same limited priveledges as a Pledge.  The member will be marked as "MIA-Please Contact an Officer" in the Public Notes section of our guild roster. When a member becomes active again they must contact an Officer or Guardian.  Should the member wish to continue their membership with Steadfast, they will be promoted to Adept and their recruitment date reset to the day of their contact with an Officer.

Crafting Items

When selling crafted wares to fellow guild members, it is guild policy to offer crafting services at the cost of materials only.  If your guildmate has the necessary crafting items, then it is expected the service will be offered free of charge.  Some crafting items are available in our Guild bank for use for Guild members only.  When selling to outsiders, feel free to mark up your services at your own discretion.


If you are participating in Guild instances or raiding you must have the Required Raid Mods! Failure to have the Required Mods properly installed may result in EPGP penalties and players may no longer be invited to future guild activities until rememdied. We are here to help! If you need assistance in properly setting up any of your addons, please ask the guild either in game or on our forums,

Additionally, players must have Ventrillo installed on their computer. This program can be found at  The setup information for the Ventrilo server can be found in the “Guild Information” section of the Social Panel in-game along with a post in our forums. Please understand that this server is primarily for guild members. If you are grouping with people who are not in the Guild, and need to use the vent server, please use one of the guest channels.

In order to get a member account for our Ventrilo server, please contact Dayari or a Guardian. Have a password prepared that is not related to any other password that you use.

In Conclusion

Every effort has been made to document the procedures of this guild in the bylaws and various policy pages. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, please ask a Guardian. It is hoped that with a little advanced planning we will prevent some of the problems that plague other guilds. We have tried to be complete in our planning, but we are only human and certainly have missed a few things. These guild policies will be dynamic like the game itself. As new situations arise that we have not addressed, necessary revisions will be made to the policies of the Guild. Members are encouraged to consult these guild policies from time to time to stay up to date.

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