Raid Policy

Raid Policy

As we have stated, the guild participates in casual raiding. Please pay attention to our definition of “casual”. Casual raiding means that we are not going to raid 5-7 nights a week or require a 75% or higher attendance, however we will have raids available 2-3 nights a week and strongly encourage everyone to attend as often as they can. Casual DOES NOT mean come into a raid unprepared, ie: ungemmed, not repaired, no knowledge of your role in a group. You should make time for the full scheduled raid and do your research on the fights to familiarize yourself before hand. In addition, raiders should meet minimum raid requirements, such as gear and be able to put out an appropriate amount of DPS/heals.

Raids have scheduled start and end times. We will raid until the scheduled end time or we finish the instance, or the Warlord makes a decision otherwise ,whichever comes first. When you sign up, we expect that you are available for the times listed in the schedule. If you cannot stay for the duration, you may sign up as tentative and let a Warlord know what time you need to leave. We will decide on a case by case basis if it would benefit the raid for you to join us. It’s not personal; we will make these calls in the best interest of the raid. If a Warlord is not on when you sign up, you may "in game" mail them with the information.  Please do not make a habit of joining a raid knowing you are not able to finish it. If you are unable to attend last minute, let the Raid Leader or a Guardian know, we understand real life comes first. 

If you inform us during a raid, we will start looking for a replacement immediately. As soon as a replacement is located, you will be removed from the raid and your replacement will be brought in. This person was kind enough to come in to replace you and we do not want to be rude to them by making them wait to join.

Aside from the “Tentative” sign-up listed above, “Tentative” should be used when you are pretty sure you will be able to make it. We understand that real life happens and sometimes you can’t know for sure until right before start time.  If you can’t make it, you can’t make it. You will not gain any priority for signing up as “Tentative” if you are not available at raid start time.

Frequent AFK's are a bit troublesome for the group so please understand that we break roughly every hour.  We all sign up to raid because we are available to dedicate that block of time to WoW, please be fair to the others who have set aside their time to join us.  If something comes up and you need an additional AFK, please let the Raid Leader know and they will do what they can to accommodate you as soon as possible.  If a player AFK’s more than just frequently, and begins to inconvenience the raid, you may be asked to leave in lieu of someone who is more available. 

The Raid Master

The Raid Master is the Guardian overseeing raiding. The Raid Master will work with the Warlord to manage raiding, help with team composition, identify objectives for raiding, evaluate players preparedness for raids using a talent/gear evaluator, and help set raid schedules. They will also serve on the Loot Council in all raids s/he is present for. S/he assists the Warlord(s) as needed and fills in when a Warlord is unavailable.

The Warlord

The Warlord(s) will decide which raids and bosses will be attempted, raid composition and the schedules for the raiding. They will also serve on the Loot Council in all raids s/he is present for. The Warlord(s) will also be in charge of leading the raids, which includes both giving a quick boss run down before an encounter, providing a preliminary strategy to tackle the boss and working to correct any issues seen with the strategy.  The Raid Warlord will also assist characters that want to raid but need some guidance with their spec and rotation by either one-on-one sessions or assigning another guild member to help out.

Raid Sign-Up

Raid sign-up will be coordinated through the in-game calendar. Raid start times and end times are based off of the realm time. As mentioned above, you should plan on a 3 hour block of time. We ask that you be online with the character you will be taking at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. Invites will typically start 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. If we have more people signed up than we can fit in the raid, we may do flex to accommodate all willing players or you may lose your spot if the group decides otherwise as a whole when invites go out.

Overall, priority for raid slots will be on a first come, first serve basis, based on skills needed. The Raid Leadership will also attempt to give priority to raiders who were put on Standby in a previous raid if they were available when the invites went out for that previous raid. We will second that with a first available, first invited basis. If you are not online when invites go out, the next person in line will get your invite.

We do understand that life happens, however please be respectful of your guild mates. If you find that you will be unavailable or late for a raid that you signed up for, please let us know. You may send an "in game" mail to a Warlord or Raid Master if none are online with you. Please try to send the mail early enough that it will be received before start time. If you cannot make it and don’t have access to WoW, please post in Raid Notepad so all attending know of that you will not be able to make it.

You must sign up with the character you plan on raiding with. We will only accept substitute Alts if it is a necessity, such as missing a tank or healer. The character you sign up with should be appropriately geared for the instance we will be running. We sometimes have more people that are ready to raid than we have raid spots available. Signing up does not guarantee you a spot in the raid. Just because you are not “Confirmed” in the calendar, does not mean that you are not needed. If you signed up, we expect you to be available regardless of if you are “Confirmed”, “Stand By”, or left on the “Signed Up” status. 

Raid Readiness

We expect you to have all reagents, food and water, health and mana potions, and bandages stocked and ready to go when invites go out. Flasks and Noodle Carts will be provided from the Guild Bank. We do ask that you contribute to the Guild Bank, at least once per month, in some way (Gold, Herbs, Ore, etc…). This will help ensure that we can continue to provide Flasks and Noodle Carts for the raids, and will allow us to continue to provide gear enhancement assistance to yourself and your fellow raiders.

You should be appropriately geared for the instance we are scheduled to run. Just because you were geared for one instance, does not mean you are geared for another. If you are unsure what required gear score is for an instance, or where you are in relation to that, please talk to a Warlord. Gear must be enchanted as appropriate and all gem slots must be filled with appropriate level gems, if you need enchants or gems, talk to an Officer for assistance.

KNOW YOUR SPEC. Your stats SHOULD be in line with your role in the raid. 

We will be checking you out before you are invited to a raid, so know where you are at. If you are unsure how to get to where you need to be, speak with an Officer or another of your class that raids. If someone is running the raids that you want to run, they should be able to point you in the right direction. We don’t bite (hard), so please don’t be afraid to ask for help. We also strongly encourage that you research your character on your own to ensure you have the best character build for your playing style.

Know your role in key fights. You can find videos and explanations online that can help you prepare for all boss fights. is a good resource if you don’t already use one.

Required Raid Mods

We encourage you to customize your UI so that it is best suited for you. We do, however; require that the following add-ons are included in your customization. The add-ons listed below will help us ensure a smooth and coordinated run.

Click here to view the list of "Required Raid Mods"

Please remember to check your preferred add-on source regularly for updates to the add-ons you are using. Out of date add-ons don’t do any good to anyone.

Recommended Raid Mods

While these are not required, they are ones that you may find to your benefit during raids, depending on your class. Guild members are encouraged to examine, try out, and evaluate these add-ons on an individual basis.

Loot Rules – As described in the Guild Bylaws

Pick up Groups (PUG)

Triple-Token Loot System is most often used when multiple PUGs (~3+) are used in a Guild Sponsored Raid. Guild participation does not constitute "sponsoring" in all cases, ask if you are unsure.

Groups, 5-person instances, and heroics

All items will use a Need/Greed/Disenchant (DE) system. If the item is a legitimate upgrade for your character you may roll Need on it. Otherwise, everyone will roll Greed/DE. In 5 man runs, loot distribution will be handled with the default Blizzard loot system. If you cannot use the item yet but will be able to eventually, you may roll Need. It must be understood by the rest of the group that you are actively working towards being able to use the item. For example: you may not select Need on an Alchemy recipe if you don’t have the Alchemy skill. Main characters and main spec should be given priority.

In any group, PUG or Guild, if there is a piece that drops that is an upgrade for your offspec, it is considered polite to ask in party chat/vent first if you can roll on it, seeing as someone may need it for their mainspec.

10/25-person End Game Raids

All raid looting will be run using the Master Looter system.  The Master Looter will use their best discretion regarding Loot Distribution. For example, if a caster rolls on a melee item as Need, but other melee DPS need the item as well, the item will go to a melee DPS regardless of the caster’s EP/GP priority.

We feel that the requirements listed for raiding are very reasonable and there should not be any reason that all guild members cannot comply with them.

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