Arena Policy

Player vs. Player Policies


Good sportsmanship is of primary importance. Opponents as well as fellow teammates will always be treated with respect. Avoid disrespectful emotes such as /spit, use civil language, and remember that your teammates and opponents are real people on the other side of the screen. As long as a member is in Steadfast, their actions represent the guild as a whole.


While participating in Steadfast player vs. player events, leadership should default to the Marshal, Battle Master, or the Marshal's Assistant Officers, as delegated. Suggestions are welcome, but final say remains with the identified leader. Disagreements with leadership may be addressed through the Marshal, the Battle Master, or the Speaker.


If a Steadfast member is struggling in being successful in PvP, please offer constructive criticism and support, as well as direct them to the Marshal or Battle Master for assistance. There are a number of useful websites that can assist players as well, as documented in the forum post, Useful Links Collection When in doubt, ask Steadfast's Marshal or Battle Master for further guidance.




Arena teams may be maintained by any member of Steadfast that wishes to participate. However, even in “private” arena teams not officially sanctioned by Guild Council, the above-mentioned codes of behavior are to be followed. While anyone is welcome to participate in Steadfast arena teams, it is important to be prepared in terms of knowledge and gear. In the case of the latter, a majority of a starting arena team member's gear should be comprised of either crafted or honor purchased items. While no class requirements are enforced, specific team composition may be guided by roles needed in order to maximize the likelihood of victory. For officially sanctioned teams, use of Ventrilo is required.




Steadfast members may participate in battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds either as individuals or groups. In all cases, the above-mentioned codes of behavior are to be followed. If organizing guild battleground runs, attempts should be made to include all interested parties, regardless of class or specialization. Use of Ventrilo is recommended for easier coordination.


World Player vs. Player


Steadfast members may participate in world player vs. player combat with the guild or independently. In all cases, the above-mentioned codes of behavior are to be followed. Steadfast's goal in open Player vs. Player combat is to engage worthwhile targets. Significantly lower level player characters should not be engaged unless they attack first. While it is acceptable to kill NPCs as a means of attracting attention, it does not reflect well upon the guild to engage in repeated killing of quest or utility (vendors, flight masters, etc.) NPCs that negatively impacts the play experience of those not interested in player vs. player content. “Corpse camping,” the practice of killing an individual repeatedly after resurrection, should be used in moderation and with good judgment. Use of Ventrilo is recommended for easier coordination.




The Marshal is responsible for scheduling and organizing player vs. player activities within the guild. These can include weekly battleground forays, Arena matches, and strategic attacks on Alliance targets. It is the Marshal's responsibility to select members for player vs. player content in such a way as to ensure optimal chances of success and to be able to guide members of the Guild in strategy and equipment. The Marshal will possess arena charter for sponsored Guild arena teams, funded through the Guild vault. The Marshal may appoint Assistant Officers to aide them in their duties as needed. The Marshal will have forum moderation rights for relevant sections of the Guild forums. If the Marshal is unavailable to carry out their duties for a period of time, the Battle Master shall fill in until the Marshal is once again available.


Battle Master


The Battle Master will be responsible for overseeing the guild arena teams and organized player vs. player content. Will work to ensure that Steadfast's ethical standards are maintained on the battlefield. They will also assist in creating team names that maintain the Role-Playing theme of the guild.


Recommended Addons


There are no required addons to engage in PvP in Steadfast, but there are a number of addons that can enhance performance and are encouraged for members of Steadfast interested in player vs. player to download and install. Additionally, there are a variety of class-specific addons that will also help give an extra edge in combat. Please contact guild class leaders for further advice on class-specific addons.


Unit Frames Addons: While Blizzard has made some great progress in the default UI, there is a lot of information not provided that can fine tune one's game that is easily accessible through a variety of unit frames addons. Recommended addons in this category include, but are not limited to, Shadowed Unit Frames, X-Perl UnitFrames, and Grid. Also, Gladius adds arena unit frames with a great deal of functionality.


LoseControl: From the developer's description: LoseControl makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen.


Deadly Boss Mods: Yes it is a PvE addon, but it also comes with modules that provide useful timers for PvP, such as flag cap timers, arena/battleground start timers, etc.


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